Endless Road (Chile Motorcycle Adventure Tour)


And so, after a long wait, in an ordinary morning of a day like any other, I put our luggage on the motorcycle, met my friends, and for the adventure we went!

In 23 days of journey and 5,000 miles from start to finish, our bikes had their share. Along the way many challenges awaited for us, but in our experience wind, rain, ice or height were no obstacles.

In the end, nothing stayed on our way or prevented us from reaching our goal and to come back safe and sound. And nothing was better than returning to find that the road that begins at our door is endless.

DSC00358SepiaHSpeqFar worse than climbing up and down the frigid Andes would be not even getting there or never having left the familiar roads of our lives. Even if only to realize how warm and comfortable they are.

I felt an undescribable sensation driving around ices so far away from home. In this journey, I discovered that we need to travel on our own, not through stories, pictures, books or TV. We need to travel following our own eyes and feet (or wheels!) to better understand our limits and fears and then we can live the fullness of all wonders around us.

We need to know the cold to enjoy the warmness, to feel the distance and homelessness in order to appreciate being under our own roof. We need to travel to places we don´t known to break down the arrogance that makes us see the world as we imagine, and not simply as it is.

That makes us teachers and doctors of things we never knew…
When we should just be students and go to learn!


Texto: José Maria (adaptação livre do livro “Mar sem Fim” do Amyr Klink)
Imagens: Integrantes da viagem
Viagem ao Chile, em  Novembro de 2008, feita por integrantes do HOG Campinas

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